Stratford Armouries
Lunch Menu

Hot Baguettes
Served with chips and salad garnish
Prawn in Marie Rose sauce £5.95
Tuna Mayonnaise and red onion £5.95
Cajun chicken £6.20
BLT £6.00
Bacon and brie £6.20
Smoked salmon and créme fraiche £6.20
Cheddar cheese £5.95
Green salad £4.45
Ham and salad £5.95
Jacket Potatoes
Served with salad garnish
Chilli con carne £6.45
Smoked salmon and créme fraiche £6.45
Brie and bacon £6.45
Prawn in Marie Rose sauce £6.45
Tuna mayonnaise and red onion £6.25
Butter and green salad £5.55
Cheese and beans £6.25
Cajun chicken £6.45

Light Bites
Soup of the day £4.95
Home-made lasagne served with crispy garlic bread and salad garnish £7.45
Battered cod and chips served with green peas and tartar sauce £7.20
Armouries burger served with chips £7.45
Scampi and chips, salad and tartar sauce £7.20
Cumberland sausage with mashed potato, green peas and rich onion jus £7.45
BBQ Pork Ribs £7.45

Kids Menu
Chicken or cod goujons with chips and beans £4.95
Sausage with mashed potato, green peas and gravy £4.95
Tomato pasta served with cheddar cheese £4.55
Ham, cheese or jam sandwich with drink £4.95


Caesar salad £6.45
Smoked salmon salad £6.75
Green salad £4.95
Chips £1.95
Garlic bread £2.20




Stratford Armouries
Breakfast Menu


Served from 10:30am
Toast with butter £2.45
Toast with jam £2.95
Baked beans on toast £2.95
Scrambled eggs on toast £3.95
Scrambled eggs with bacon on toast £4.45
Bacon on toast £3.95
Bacon and eggs on toast £4.45
Sausage on toast £3.95
Sausage and eggs on toast £4.45
Mini Armouries breakfast
Sausage, bacon, egg, mushroom, tomato, baked beans and toast
Big Armouries breakfast
Sausage, bacon, eggs, mushroom, tomato, baked beans and toast

All omlettes are served with bread or toast and salad
Plain omlette £3.95
Cheese omlette £4.45
Ham omlette £4.95
Mushroom omlette £4.95
Bacon omlette £4.95
Sausage omlette £4.95


Party Food


Cold Buffet
A selection of sandwiches, ham, jam, cheese, tuna, egg and mayo, cream cheese
Cucumber sticks / carrot sticks
Cheese cubes
Hot Food
Fish goujons, chips, baked beans
Chicken goujons, chips and baked beans
Tomatoe pasta topped with cheddar cheese